Overpacks, or 2 part bags, are designed to completely contain an object or provide an additional layer of protection. Tested to meet DOT IP-1 (49CFR 173.410 & 173.411). Standard sizes include:

  • B-25 (72x48x48)
  • 2.5 Cu Yd (48x48x48)
  • Sealand 20′
  • Sealand 40′

Place pan on ground and move the item to contain to sit in the pan. Then lift the top section over item and pull down to secure to the hook and loop or zipper closure. Take up straps are attached to best trim the package. Custom made to your package requirements.

Overpacks are manufactured with or without lining for strength and puncture resistance. Shapes are not limited to boxes and can be made to fit your exact needs. Overpacks can be fitted with custom pallets for a forklift or have lifting straps designed to lift entire package.