Soft-sided flexible packaging provides an easy to use, extremely strong means of packaging bulk waste.  Loading frames work with flexible shipping bags to form a system. This allows for a single rigid frame to be used with as many bags as are needed.  A series of flexible bags when used in conjunction with a collapsible loading frame takes up less space then conventional metal containers for reduced costs without sacrificing on safety or durability.  Loading frames work with our stand alone package system or a standard soft sided package systems.

Assembling is simple just stand up the walls of frame and pull large, strong hook and loop closure straps around the short walls. Keep one side open, insert a bag, and close remaining frame wall. Different bags of the same size can be inserted depending on job requirements to improve durability or strength.

When the bag is full its can be closed and the top secured. Slightly loosen one corner of the frame and lift bag clear with attached lifting straps. Bags can be lifted by excavator, crane, or forklift rated to the appropriate weight capacity.  The frame is now ready for another bag to be inserted.  Standard sized packaging systems, bags with frames, available to purchase or lease:

  • 3.5 Cubic Yd
  • 5 Cubic Yd
  • 7 Cubic Yd
  • 9 Cubic Yd

Custom sizes can be designed to fit any job need as well as the addition of steps, forklift pockets, and chain ratchet system.