No job is too big or too small. Some jobs require the transport of large machinery or containers. A custom designed package can be manufactured to fit any need including to meet DOT IP-1 (49CFR 173.410 & 173.411). The unique shape of the oversized equipment is taken into consideration while designing the package. How the package will be transported is also taken into thought so that lift straps, tie down systems, and trimming straps can be placed strategically.

An excavator containment overpack is an example of a custom oversized package design. The pan, lower portion, is placed on an oversized transport trailer and is designed with a drop flap allowing the excavator to maneuver itself onto the lower section. Then a top cover is pulled over and secured to the pan. The appropriate straps can then trim the package and it can be secured to the transport trailer.

Custom oversized packages can be reinforced for puncture resistance and durability. Providing a cost effective way to transport large objects to its destination safely.