SPS was started in 2009 in Madisonville, TN by Al Beale to introduce new technologies and designs that he felt were needed to improve and simplify some of the packages he had developed in earlier years while he was employed at Transport Plastics, from 1986 to 2001. Starting with only 8 full time employees, SPS has grown to a peak of 81 full time and part time workers.

In August 2017; the assets of SPS were purchased by I.C.E. Packaging Company, LLC. (ICE). ICE principals are leaders in the packaging, transportation and logistical management of radioactive and hazardous materials, difficult and sensitive materials, and heavy and over-dimensional equipment; they have successfully and safely managed the handling, packaging, and transportation of over 15 million tons of material for both commercial and government customers; including the nuclear industry, decommissioning and remediation industry, chemical and petrochemical industry, as well as the US Departments of Energy and Defense.


SPS occupies 80,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space near downtown Madisonville, TN where all manufacturing operations are performed. SPS is proud to be a Made In USA company. SPS (I.C.E. Packaging Company, LLC) is a SBA Certified HUBZONE company; certification is valid until 9/27/22.


The Team

Tim Blythe – President

Rebekah Moreland, Ph.D. – General Manager

Scott Eckler – Technical Sales Manager

Al Beale – Design / Engineering 

Kurt Colborn – Compliance / NQA-1 Program Coordinator 

Cheryl Croft – Production Manager

Beth Woodcock- Graphic Designer