The stand alone line offers the most benefits with ease of use, (no loading frame necessary), without sacrificing durability and safety concerns. The rigid corrugated fiber board, or corrugated plastic board, is sandwiched between layers of our UV and water resistant industrial fabric. Tailored to the size needed for any job this provides a simple hassle free, no decontamination and no return hauling solution. Tested to meet DOT IP-1 (49CFR 173.410 & 173.411). Standard sizes available:

  • 2.5 Cubic Yd
  • 3.5 Cubic Yd
  • 5 Cubic Yd 9 Cubic Yd
  • B-25 Comparative
  • B-12 Comparative

Simply un-fold bag and stand up right and load. The rigid sides keep the bags sides up while you fill. A liner can be placed or manufactured in the bag design to allow for further durability and puncture resistance. If available close duffle, then close hinge lid to seal package. If necessary lifting straps are designed for a single or multi-point lift.